Meet our producers

Village Dairy 

It’s week two of British Food Fortnight and we are celebrating our British producers who contribute to making our deliciously healthy and nutritious range of dips and pates.

This week we are proud to introduce Llaeth Y Llan /Village Dairy, who supply our 0% Fat, Welsh Bio-Live yogurt used in several of our products.

Gareth Roberts and his family have produced award winning yogurt from their old farmhouse since the ’80s and are happy to say that the yogurt is still being made on the Roberts family farm located in Llannefydd, North Wales. 

The dairy was established to diversify the farm’s business in the 1980’s creating pasteurised milk, cream and yogurts for the local community, the yogurts were originally sold through local milk rounds and local independent stores.Through the years The Village Dairy have grown a faithful fan base and can now be found in major retailers throughout Wales and Wales’ bordering counties – not forgetting in your favourite dip and pate products!

The Village Dairy are proud of their roots and insist on using wholesome Welsh milk from happy, grass-fed cows within the local area, resulting in a high quality yogurt that’s rich, creamy and full of flavour. Using this rich, creamy bio-live yogurt results in a healthier dip and pate option which is perfect for those #SuperDuperDipping moments!

You can find more information abour British Food Fortnight here and why not celebrate this week?

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